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This website sells products to professionals working in the hair extensions industry. Do not purchase hair extensions for your own use unless you have been trained in their application and have read, understood and agreed with the aftercare recommended by Prestige Hair Extensions. Do not follow any other company’s aftercare advice with respect to our products. Each company’s products are manufactured using different processes and as a result can react to aftercare in different ways.


Please contact us at: [email protected] if you wish to discuss our Terms & Conditions or aftercare advice.


All hair, unless stated as "Virgin" is coloured with various hair dyes. Occasionally, hair dye can be seen washing out during the first couple of washes - this is not a fault and can happen with your own natural hair following a colouring service. Although this is not a fault, it may cause people with specific allergies to react to the hair dye. Taking this into consideration, we do not claim that Prestige Hair Extensions are suitable for anyone with allergies to hair dye.

It is the responsibility of the Salon to conduct patch testing for allergies prior to fitting, this should include testing for allergies to the tape adhesive or metal rings. Patch testing can be done during the consultation, alternatively a few rings could be fitted prior to the full fitting to allow time to observe any allergic reactions. We do not offer refunds for customers when an allergic reaction has occurred to our products.  


To streamline our operations, we are reducing and restricting our retail sales and will be reviewing retail accounts throughout 2020. Our regular long term retail customers or those unable to provide proof of professional qualification will still be able to purchase our products by applying for a ‘Business Lite’ Account (please note Business to Business sales are not subject to standard consumer rights covered by Distance Selling Regulations).

Full Trade Accounts and their associated discounts will only be granted when proof of professional qualification or insurance has been provided.

We want to foster strong business relationships with all our customers and expect all correspondence (such as emails) to remain professional. We reserve the right to review and remove access to Trade discounts and Business Lite accounts for any breach of these terms and conditions or following any instances of rude or unprofessional behaviour towards our staff.

We will only discuss our products and their application with trained professionals who are able to provide evidence of their qualifications (such as professional certification). This ensures that discussions are held from an equivalent level of professional understanding and if required, allows us to contact the training school/provider of the certification to address any discrepancies in application, maintenance and aftercare advice.  


We advise account owners to use their own payment details to order our products as you will be liable for any payment reversals or chargebacks.

In the event of a chargeback or payment reversal - If payment is not made within 30 days then we reserve the right to refer the matter to an external third party debt collector and you agree that all costs incurred in respect of the same can be recovered from you and will be added to the debt to be recovered.

Where a Trade Account is used, the owner of the Trade Account is responsible for ensuring all invoices are paid in full - Please bear this in mind if you choose to pay with a client’s card. If you do not wish to accept responsibility for the payment, please do not allow your clients to purchase our products via your Trade Account.



We only dispatch orders Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). We cannot currently ship items over the weekend. During strike action all delivery guarantees are void but we will make other couriers available and still ship your orders ASAP. Orders placed after 2.30pm will not be dispatched until the next working day.

UK buyers should be careful when ordering after 230pm Thursday as unless you select Saturday Delivery, normal next day won't arrive until the following Monday.


All tracking numbers are added to your order, this enables you to track your own deliveries. Due to how our e-commerce platform systems link together, orders cannot be amended after payment. Any request to change an order that has been paid for will require the order to be cancelled and a new order to be made, this is only available until the order has been dispatched. 


We do not take phone enquiries. Customer services can be contacted using Facebook messenger via this link or email [email protected].


We removed DPD as a courier in July 2022 due to service issues. We now offer Royal Mail and DHL.

Only Royal Mail Special Delivery £7.50 or the £11.50 Saturday option offer a postage refund if they do not deliver on time, all other services offer no refunds at all if the parcel do not arrive on the target date.

Royal Mail First Class, Tracked 24/48 and DHL UK and International services do not offer a late delivery postage refund.

Occasionally Royal Mail will suspend this guarantee at busy times or during adverse weather conditions and will not accept claims for late deliveries. Please be aware when ordering next day delivery items there is always a possibility of failure and late delivery, this is beyond our control

We do not offer additional compensation for late deliveries or loss of business/money as a result of a late or lost delivery. We advise everyone to order in advance especially around Bank Holidays and Christmas to reduce the chance of disruption caused by late deliveries. Please also account for strike action affecting deliveries for several days before and after the strike days themselves.

During strike action all delivery guarantees are void but we will make other couriers available and still ship your orders ASAP.


Any items lost by the couriers will be fully refunded or replaced AFTER the courier has finished their investigations. This can take several weeks in extreme circumstances. We will not resend or refund items before the investigations have completed. If the courier requires you to sign and return a denial of receipt form or similar this may delay your refund further. You will not be entitled to any extra compensation for fitting fees or loss of earnings.

You can repurchase any items while you wait for the courier to finish their investigation. You can request we simply refund the lost shipment once the investigation has completed.


You may return most new, unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund using our Royal Mail Online Returns Portal (refund excludes original postage costs). We no longer accept tape adhesives back for refunds or exchange due to the perishable nature of these products when exposed to heat and other environmental factors.

If a return is the result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.) we will pay the return shipping costs within the UK using our Royal Mail Online Return Portal (You will need access to a printer to use this or email a QR code to your phone and present it at participating Post Offices.) and your original shipping costs will also be refunded.

Upon receipt of an item please inspect the length, thickness, weight and colour of the hair. If you think you may need to return an item DO NOT use it, you can inspect an item like you would in a shop before deciding to purchase, this does not involve using the product. If the item has been used, we will reject the return. If the strings/cable ties used to hold the hair bundles together have been removed, we reserve the right to charge 10% re-packaging fee or reject the return.

Returning items without the corresponding order number and cards with batch numbers on will delay your refund. We would need to contact you for further information to know which orders to refund and which batches to return the hair to. We will always try to match unlabelled returns to an order but Customers that repeatedly return unlabelled hair after warnings may have restrictions placed on their account or returns rejected.

Cash refunds are only available for unused items returned within 30 days of purchase.

International Customers may be charged £8 to cover customs handling fees for returned items and must pay return postage costs.

You have 7 days from date of delivery to report any missing or incorrect items in your order. During the packaging of items, we utilise a barcode scanning system, synchronised to timestamped CCTV. This provides detailed records including batch numbers of items sent and the weight of the parcel dispatched, this information is used to help resolve any missing item complaints. You must not use the hair or dispose of the packaging as they are needed in the event of a claim against the courier.

You may need to wait for the courier’s investigation and meet with them yourself to sign legal declarations before a refund can be issued (this typically happens when there is a delivery dispute rather than an order lost in transit).

We will defend all suspicious claims using information from CCTV, parcel weights, and documentation recorded by both ourselves and the couriers. Fraudulent claims will result in the termination of your account.

Please be aware we introduced a Budget Range in August 2022 and this has lower lifespan and guarantee period than our higher range hair, please see below for details.


Higher End Hair Range

We have made some changes to the processing of our hair and from 20th August 2022 onwards our Higher End Hair now has an estimated lifespan of 9-18 months for darks and 6-12 months for blondes with good aftercare. Please see our aftercare section for advice here -

We guarantee the quality of our higher end hair for 6 months and tips for 4 months from date of purchase - any manufacturing faults will become apparent within this timeframe. Aftercare and heat styling can markedly reduce the life expectancy of your extensions; therefore we do not extend the guarantee past 6 months.

Once a faulty item complaint has been submitted you will usually have 2 weeks to return the item. If the hair has not been worn long you may be asked to wear it a little longer (concerns in the first week or so regarding hair feeling different to the last set usually resolve after a longer wear time).

Faulty item complaints will not be accepted beyond the 6 month time period. Please note we reserve the right to choose to Repair, Replace or issue Store Credit for returned products.


Budget Hair Range

Please see this info page for more information on the budget range - here -

Our Budget Range is sold with a 4-7 month lifespan with good aftercare and depending on colour.

The Budget Hair has a shorter 3 month guarantee against manufacturing faults. Budget hair will feel lower quality and drier and there will likely be some loss of length with blondes during their estimated lifespan but excessive loss will still be covered by our guarantee.


*Important Information on The Claims Process*


  • Claims on our guarantee can only be made by the account holder.
  • The account holder must have inspected the hair extensions in person and deemed them as faulty.
  • Claims on our guarantee cannot be made if the account holder is unable to assess the hair extensions in person. This is to protect the account holder as false claims may result in restrictions to your trade account.
  • Should the account holder have a client that lives too far away (for example another country) for hair to be inspected in the case of a complaint – The account holder should not offer our 6-month guarantee to the client and this should be discussed during consultation.


Exceptions to our 6 and 3 month Guarantees and the rationale behind our Terms and Conditions are provided below. We aim to provide honest and helpful advice to you to help manage the expectations of clients and reduce potential complaints within your salon.

Human Hair is not indestructible.  Our Terms & Conditions have been formulated from our first hand knowledge and experience of the processes used during the production of Human Hair Extensions – You will not find any Myths or falsehoods designed to relieve us of our obligation to address and replace faulty hair.  



When purchasing from using a Trade Account or Business Lite Account you acknowledge that this is a Business to Business Sale.

Business to Business sales are not subject to standard consumer rights covered by Distance Selling Regulations. We offer a detailed and generous 6 or 3 month Guarantee on all hair products subject to our Terms and Conditions.

When you resell our products to a client either as a standalone product, or part of a fitting service, you enter into a new sales contract with your client which is independent from the business to business sales contract you have with Prestige Hair Extensions.

It is your responsibility to resolve complaints from your client irrespective of your ability to return the goods to Prestige Hair Extensions. For example, if a client is unhappy with a colour match after fitting, you cannot return the hair to us for a refund, but may still be required to refund your client who was unhappy with the colour fitted.

To minimise potential complaints, the expectations of your client must be managed appropriately by a qualified stylist. Human Hair is not a machine manufactured product; it varies from donor to donor. Our Suppliers make every effort to choose the sleekest and highest quality ponytails for producing our higher range extensions but there will always be some variation between batches (more so with the budget range). Variations in colour, texture and thickness are inevitable. Always consider that your client may have little to no experience of hair extensions and therefore initial expectations may be unrealistic.

If you are unhappy with the colour, length, thickness etc. of the Hair extensions you can return them unused for a refund, returns for these reasons will not be accepted if the hair has been used.

Exceptions to our Guarantees include;

  • General wear and tear (please see further details for each fitting method below).
  • Colour changes (As described below).
  • Fading of any colours (Fancy, Ombre/Rooted and Ash/Silver shades are more susceptible to fading but all our hair has been bleached then coloured and will need its colour maintaining by a professional experienced in dying extensions Never attempt to lighten extensions this can damage them beyond repair)


*IMPORTANT NOTE* - Please ensure your clients understand that all hair extensions can and do fade, they can be tricky to recolour to the original shade. Colour maintenance and picking out different shades to dye is especially difficult for piano & rooted colours - some customers will find it easier to darken their overall colour rather than trying to recreate the original colour blend. Refunds or exchanges for fading are not offered by Prestige Hair Extensions. Clients that expect the colour of hair extensions to remain unchanged throughout their lifespan should not use our hair.

We offer additional information below on potential colour changes and issues with blonde extensions to help educate your clients to avoid or treat these issues.


The following section provides further information on the nature of our human hair products and the exceptions to our guarantee.

We feel that it is important to explain to our professional customers the rationale behind our guarantee and the terms and conditions attached to it.

We have not written the Terms & Conditions, or this expanded guidance to avoid any responsibility for faulty products. We feel that by helping our customers understand how human hair extensions are produced we can also help them to understand what they can reasonably expect from their hair extensions, how to care for them correctly and what constitutes a legitimate fault with a product (as opposed to a naturally occurring change during the lifespan of the product).



We will never impose unfair terms to avoid responsibility for such things as matted/tangled hair caused by misaligned cuticles (We will always take responsibility for this!) our guarantee exceptions are provided to avoid refunding good quality hair (that may have faded or require re-taping).



When you buy hair from Prestige Hair Extensions you can be assured that with proper aftercare it will not matt, dry out or snap in the first couple of months. Faults like this are often associated with cheaper “Machine Remy” or reclaimed / turned hair. On rare occasions, if a shade has been over processed, even the highest quality Remy hair can suffer from these symptoms – In cases such as these we always accept full responsibility!  



We will never use “Machine Remy” hair. “Machine Remy” hair has been salvaged not donated. It will have gone through several processes to realign 90-96% of the cuticles, before being subjected to a light acid bath to prevent the remaining misaligned cuticles from tangling.  It is the light acid bath that makes the hair feel smooth at first but also causes it to eventually dry out and sometimes snap.

You may also notice black dots on the tips of some machine Remy hair (these are the follicles / roots of hair that has been shed naturally during daily brushing rather than cut from the donor).

You will not see this with our Hair. All our hair is cut from single donors, then bleached and coloured.



When bleaching Remy hair, donor hair is stitched to a net to ensure that all cuticles remain aligned. Up to 20% of the hair can come loose from the stitching holding it in place, with cheaper products this lost hair is often picked back up and added back to the remainder of the hair. This reduces costs during manufacture but also results in hair extensions with misaligned cuticles making tangling more likely.

Our hair is handled and stitched more carefully to keep hair loss to a minimum. The lost hair is never picked back up or re-added to our donor hair. This increases the cost of our hair, but also guarantees there will be no matting or tangling caused by cuticle misalignment. This is also why the final thickness on the ends of our hair can vary from batch to batch, losses are different during each batch and the thickness each donor ponytail varies.



Using advanced industrial bleaching techniques, black and very dark brown donor hair can be lightened to the lightest blonde colours without severely damaging the hair. However, it should be noted that all chemical bleaching damages the hair a small amount, which is why lighter blonde extensions do not last as long as darker colours.



Longer hair is older hair, despite its higher price it will still be more prone to dry ends over time than shorter hair lengths.



The advanced industrial bleaching techniques used to transform the donor hair from black to blonde do make it more susceptible to colour change. These colour changes are mainly orange / pinky and occur mainly when hair is exposed to very high heat, sun cream, swimming pools and high mineral content water. It is most commonly seen after a holiday abroad or during the summer but does happen in the UK in winter months too.

These changes are not covered by our guarantee because they are not the result of a fault, they are a result of the salts and minerals required to catalyse the bleaching process and reach these light blonde shades. Without this process you cannot achieve light blondes from dark brown/black donor hair. Our aftercare information provides detailed guidance on how best to care for your extensions and avoid experiencing such changes.



You should treat extensions as a  fine garment that needs special care to avoid stains or damage - Very high heat not only dries out your extensions it can also cause a reaction with chemicals that remain in the hair from the bleaching process, this can leave staining or orange marks (this often happens when using straighteners or curling wands on the ends of the hair for too long). It is best to use 160C maximum to minimize the chances of this happening.

Contact with other chemicals in sun creams, swimming pools and the environment or high mineral water can also affect the hair if absorbed and exposed to certain environments. While absorbed minerals are often easy to remove with Malibu C treatments, stains from high heat can be difficult to remove even with bleach. For full aftercare advice please read here -



The Memory Keratin used on the Tiny and Stick Tip Extensions is designed to change shape slightly and be a little softer than Italian keratin. Memory Keratin is not suitable for fusion bonding, it should only be used with ring methods. Sometimes at refits the tip will need re rolling or squeezing back into shape to fit back inside the ring, but we are trailing a new harder memory keratin in 2020 that will reduce degradation of the tips at refit. Professionals are expected to be able to re roll the tips at refits if required. (please note a total breakdown of the tip that causes shedding in the first 2-3 months/by first maintenance is not normal and should be reported to us, it’s often caused by the tips being too short as well as the keratin being weak so please do not trim the tips).

Our Italian keratin used on Nail, Flat and Nano tips is the strongest we have used. It will not breakdown or become soft during our guarantee period. Our Nano tips have been sealed top and bottom around the metal tip. Nano tip breakage is extremely rare and with good aftercare will last well beyond our guarantee period (although you should warn your clients that a very small number may break, this is rare with our nano tips).



We tape our Tape Hair Extensions in the UK to ensure the tape is as fresh as possible and has not been exposed to temperature variations that can denature the tape.

There are many variables that can affect the life expectancy of the tape adhesive and we work hard to reduce the chance of slippage after application. However, the best way to ensure zero slippage after application is to apply fresh tape before fitting.

Following feedback, customers consistently stated that they didn’t want to apply the tape themselves due to time constraints during fittings. Listening to this feedback we chose to continue to sell the tape extensions pre-taped and ready to fit. We have an intricate process for storage and taping small amounts of each colour in each length at a time, so the tape hair isn’t left on the shelves for many months potentially degrading. In addition, we periodically check older batches of hair to determine if they need re-taping.

We are extremely proactive in responding to complaints regarding tapes and believe that we go above and beyond our competition to ensure our tapes remain fresh at dispatch. Despite these measures, it is still better to tape your extensions immediately prior to fitting as despite our best efforts there is still a small chance the tape can slip after initial fitting.

If you experience an issue with our tape hair, please report it immediately. This will allow us to address your problem as quickly as possible whilst also allowing us to investigate the remainder of the batch to ensure it doesn’t affect anyone else.  We will re-tape slipped hair for you if you return it to us, however we do not offer refunds or replacements for tape hair that falls out.

Taking these measures and our experience into consideration, we will be restricting the sale of Tape Hair Extensions to retail accounts in 2020. Only Trade Accounts (aware of the potential problems with tape hair and able to test them prior to fitting) will be able to purchase them. The only way to be 100% sure the tape will not slip is to re-tape before fitting.  

We will continue to survey our customers regarding the production of our tape hair extensions and may shift to selling them without tape adhesive at a reduced price in future. Your feedback is important, and we ask that you engage with our social media or customer services providing any professional suggestions or preferences you have regarding our products.