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Prestige Hair Extensions - Introducing our new budget hair range! 

Introducing Our Budget Hair Range

Prestige Hair Extensions are excited to announce our first ever budget range! As our customers are aware, our aim since day one is to offer a large range of extensions made from the highest quality of hair to provide our customers with guaranteed high quality hair extensions at an affordable price.
As the cost of hair has increased over the past two years, we have had to increase our prices to ensure that we continue to sell some of the highest quality hair extensions available within the United Kingdom. We understand that as this has happened, some of your clients may have chosen to switch to a cheaper supplier or alternative suppliers that offer different quality ranges.
As part of our continual quality assurance, we have worked to further improve the quality and lifespan of our most processed shades.  After years of development this has allowed us to extend the guarantee on our higher quality range to 6 months and also to finally release a budget range, providing our customers with a greater selection of products to clients with varying budgets and lifespan requirements from their hair.
Discontinued Shades
Unfortunately, we will need to discontinue a few shades that we feel still require too much processing (which can sometimes lead to the hair not feeling as luxurious as it should). These shades will be 66, grey metal and ombre 1b/grey.
Factory processing is much harsher than salon colouring and we suggest any customer needing these discontinued shades should colour/tone a shade 61, colouring hair in the salon in this way will not degrade the hair or effect its lifespan providing a semi/demi is used.  
When producing a shade 66 in a factory setting, the raw hair needs bleaching in excess of 4 hours longer than a 61, this means it is easy to overprocess the hair. Excessive processing makes blonde snap and lose their length over a period of a few months. To make these very grey shades we need to bleach out as much of the underlying yellow as possible. This is difficult to do in a factory setting without risking going too far and the hair feeling like its lost its lustre or even worse feeling synthetic or like “barbie hair”.
Other factory processes that involve heat such as drying the hair in industrial ovens, curing the PU tops for the tapes, and dying the rooted shades can make the hair become warmer and more yellow /orange again which requires further processing to correct (more common with rooted shades in tapes and flat wefts).
For the past couple of years, a main focus of ours has been ensuring each of our colours are perfect across all of our products and batches.  Our Quality Assurance process can result in recolouring hair again if it isn’t a close match for our colour rings. By removing some of the heat from these processes and being a slightly less strict with colour control we have been able to make significant improvements to the longevity of our hair.
High Quality Range Hair - Extended Guarantee
Whilst relatively small, these improvements to our production processes are allowing us to extend the current 4 month guarantee to 6 months for our higher range hair. We are also increasing the life expectancy of our higher range blondes to 6-12 months and our darks to 9-18 month from now on.
These changes not only allow us to produce budget light ash blondes from lower quality ponytails, but they are also allowing us to add the rooted shades to the budget range in the coming months in nanos, machines wefts and those tricky to make tapes!
We will be making some small changes to our terms and conditions and guarantee to reflect the slightly changed aftercare required for the budget range and different life expectancies for both ranges.

What is Prestige Budget Hair?
The budget range is made from all the ponytails that don’t pass the very high-quality standards required to be used in our higher end hair. These ponytails might be wavy, frizzy, dry, or very minimally highlighted/some grey hairs. These ponytails are still 100% donated hair with no reclaimed machine Remy hair mixed in.
Fitting methods, shades, and lengths
First, we will offer a range of budget wefts, initially offered in 39 shades across 3 lengths. These will soon be joined by a range of budget nanos and tapes. We will add the 14 rooted shades in 6-8 weeks.
Budget Hair Lifespan
With GOOD aftercare the Budget hair will have a 4–7-month life span and a 3 month guarantee against manufacturing faults.
Budget Hair – Differences in Quality & Texture
You will notice the texture is different and this might make the hair feel thicker than our higher end range. You should expect the quality and texture of the budget range to vary more than our higher range hair due to the wider variety of raw ponytails used but it will not matt.
All cuticles remain aligned in the correct direction from donation through bleaching/colouring and tipping.
Our budget hair has not been made from fallen hair that needs its cuticles realigning and then heavy acid treatments/silicone coatings.
Please bear in mind the budget hair will not feel the same as our higher end range and good aftercare will be much more important in achieving the estimated life spans.
The budget hair is made from lower quality ponytails so we cannot completely eliminate some loss of length in the blondes during its lifespan, but excessive loss of length will still be covered by the 3-month guarantee.
We still will not cover colour fade or change in our guarantee as these cannot be prevented by us but can be treated and corrected in a salon. As some of you know, we are very good at resolving any rare complaints or issues and it is through your feedback we have been able to continually improve our products and processes.