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    It is Important to follow the aftercare prescribed for each speciflc brand of hair extenslons you use.
    The huge variation in processing methods causes each brand of extensions to behave differently.
    The following instructions have been derived from years of testing by salons that only use our hair.

    It is important to follow the aftercare instructions prescribed for each specific brand of hair extensions you use. The huge variation in processing methods used within Hair Extensions industry mean that each brand of extensions can have different characteristics and behave differently. The following aftercare instructions have been derived from years of testing in collaboration with La Belle Prestige in Cheadle / Stockport, with special thanks to Jo Stacey.


    Prestige Hair Extensions can be washed, dried, straightened and curled in almost the same way as your natural hair. Chemicals contained within hair care products, in addition to the heat used to style your hair, can cause damage to your hair extensions over time (details of this can be found below). Correct aftercare will prolong the condition of your new Hair Extensions.

    Real Human Hair Extensions can be heat styled at any temperature, but high temperatures can cause colour fading in the same way that your own natural hair colour fades with heat.

    All hair unless stated as "Virgin" is coloured with various hair dyes. Occasionally, hair dye can be seen washing out during the first couple of washes - unless the colour fades this is not a fault, but it may cause people with allergies to react to the hair dye. As a result of this we do not claim Prestige Hair Extensions to be suitable for people with allergies to hair dye.

    Hair extensions (especially blonde) can discolour over time, or when exposed to various environmental factors (and even some standard beauty products). Extra care should be taken to avoid Hair Extensions coming into contact with sun protection creams and false tanning products. Contact with these products can rapidly change the hair to a pink/peach/copper colour which can be very difficult to remove.

    Argan oil can also stain the hair, especially when combined with heat. When travelling abroad, high mineral content in the water and swimming pools can also stain blonde extensions. This is not a fault with the extensions and will not qualify for a refund or replacement.

    Clients should be informed of their own responsibility to avoid these problems. The total cost of extensions should be explained before application including aftercare, refitting and removal fees. Hair Extensions require ongoing maintenance and refitting, sometimes at short notice in the event of an accident (for example - using conditioner on tapes or micro rings makes them more likely to fall out). If the client cannot afford to pay for unexpected extra maintenance or removal they may not be a good candidate for Hair Extensions.


    Do not mix different brands of Hair Extensions, this increases tangling and matting. No two brands are the same. Prestige Hair Extensions should only be applied by suitably qualified and insured professionals to avoid damage to your natural hair.

    Your hair must be clean and dry before application of extensions. Deep cleansing products should be used on your natural hair before extensions have been applied. Do not use conditioner or other styling products such as serum, heat protector, hair spray etc. prior to fitting, these can make the bonds / rings slip.


    • Most stylists will offer a free 2 week follow up appointment to check the bonds / extensions for any issues. It’s normal to lose a few bonds and these can be refitted at this appointment.
    • Your natural hair will grow approximately half an inch per month, your extensions will need refitting as they grow away from your roots. Maintenance appointments are performed between 4-12 weeks depending on the type of extensions you have fitted and your hair type (rings and wefts will slip more easily in finer hair) your stylist will advise you of the exact time frames.


    • It is best to use professional shampoos and conditioners, rather than cheaper over the counter products, the quality of the formulas varies greatly.
    • After fitting, please avoid non-professional products that contain sulphates, paraben or silicone. These ingredients, depending on formula, can strip the hair of oils and reduce the life expectancy of your Hair Extensions. Some harsher products (such as anti-dandruffshampoos) can strip the colour from your Hair Extensions. Professional products containing these ingredients usually have higher quality formulas and are often ok to use with your Hair Extensions. Please ask us for any advice choosing products, or try our tested products in the Aftercare Section.
    • If you have had bonds fitted, do not wash your hair for 48 hours. This will allow the bonds to settle in, the longer you are able to wait the better.
    • Do not wash Hair Extensions every day. If required, please consider using dry shampoo or washing only the natural section of your hair.
    • Brush your hair before washing to minimise tangling.
    • It is recommended that you wash your Hair Extensions in the shower, avoiding washing in the bath or over a sink. Gently apply shampoo in downwards motion to reduce tangling. Rinse away all traces before using plenty of conditioner, avoiding the roots and bonds.


    • NEVER go to sleep (or tie hair in a bun) while your Hair Extensions are wet, they WILL matt together.
    • Do not towel dry Hair Extensions with a scrubbing motion. Instead, blot and squeeze the hair in a towel to remove any excess moisture.
    • Do not leave your hair to dry naturally, the moisture will soften the bonds and cause them to fall out. It will also create “fluffing” of your Hair Extensions. Heat seals the hair cuticle creating a nice sleek look, so Hair Extensions should be blow dried then straightened as required (using a thermal heat protector designed for extensions).
    • It is important that you use a hair dryer to dry the Keratin bonds after washing, however you should ensure that you use a cool / low setting as excessive heat can melt the bonds.


    It’s ok to brush Hair Extensions from root to tip, as the sections above the bond/ micro ring will grow with your hair. If not brushed, Hair Extensions will start to Matt. ALWAYS use a cushioned, bristled brush or Tangle Teaser available from all good hair and beauty shops. DO NOT over brush the Hair Extensions when wet. If the extensions tangle do not pull them, carefully brush from the ends of the hair gradually moving upwards. A wide tooth comb is recommended to use when wet. Never backcomb your hair.


    It is ok to straighten or curl your Hair Extensions, please keep heat appliances away from the bond / attachment as they will melt if you get too close.


    • Regularly separate the bonds. Hair that sheds naturally on a daily basis can become trapped in the bonds and cause matting. Skipping this step can lead to the bird’s nest appearance.
    • Although human, extension hair no longer receives oils from your scalp and so needs revitalising with specialist products to ensure hair looks and feels silky. This should be done around once a week.
    • It is vital that you only use products compatible with your brand of Hair Extensions. Products for natural hair contain silicone coating and oils which are too heavy for Hair Extensions, they WILL destroy the appearance of the hair.
    • When playing sports or going to bed, tie hair in a loose plait or scrunchy pony tail to avoid matting and minimise excessive brushing in the morning.
    • Do not pick at your bonds and always have them removed by a professional, failure to acknowledge this can risk snapping and losing your own hair.


    • Your hair is built up of keratin and treated with its own system of natural oils called sebum. Sebum coats your natural hair, assisted by brushing. This natural process is disturbed by Hair Extensions, so a little extra help is needed.
    • to moisturise your Hair Extensions, a conditioning serum works best. Oils on their own form a barrier creating a silky look, but a good quality serum / oil blend will be absorbed into the hair itself.
    • Do not use hair oils near your roots or bonds, use a pea size amount on the ends of the Hair Extension only. Ensure the oil is properly washed out to prevent product build up.
    • Always use a heat protector that is compatible with Hair Extensions before styling.

    Please Note: There have been reports that some brands of ARGAN OIL can cause discolouration of Blonde Hair Extensions. You should either avoid using Argan oil, or watch for the appearance of orange tones in the hair, discontinuing use if this happens. Pure Argan oil is too heavy to be regularly applied to Hair Extensions, most high-quality brands use a blend of Argan oil and conditioners in their “Argan Oil” products. These can also contain large amounts of silicones which can cause the Hair Extensions to become dry over time. We sell a Blonde Friendly Argan Oil in our Aftercare Products range that will not stain your Hair Extensions.

    Contact us at info@prestigehairextensions.com for help choosing hair products. We retail some tried and tested products in our Aftercare Category.


    It’s important to keep your Hair Extensions tied up and out of the water when in a swimming pool or the sea. The salt and chlorine will severely dry out your extensions. Other chemicals present in swimming pools can react with lighter Hair Extensions changing their colour to pink, green or orange. Use a swimming cap if necessary and / or apply conditioner as a barrier. If you do accidently get seawater or chlorine on your Hair Extensions - wash immediately / never allow pool or seawater to dry into your extensions. Malibu C products available on our website can help remove discolouration but are not 100% effective, prevention is better than cure.


    Colouring, Tinting, Dying or Bleaching of the Hair Extensions is not recommended. Hair Extensions have already been through a lot of processing. This makes it difficult to change their colour. Although the extensions can be dyed successfully with some professional salon semi-permanent colour houses, this reduces their life expectancy and can have varied or unpredictable results.

    The darker shades usually will not lighten. The blondes having already been bleached may not reach the colour depth required or fade very quickly. If necessary, dye your own hair to match the extensions.