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Invisible Tapes - MEDIUM RATIO - 18 inch Russian Mongolian Remy AAAAAA 25g per pack (10 x 2.5g pieces per pack)

Invisible Tapes - MEDIUM RATIO - 18 inch Russian Mongolian Remy AAAAAA 25g per pack (10 x 2.5g pieces per pack) is available to buy in increments of 1
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This hair arrives with no tape on at all.
From 2.30pm on Friday 4th November 2022 Tape hair extensions will no longer be supplied with a sleeve of replacement tabs. Tape Tabs are to be bought seperately and applied immediately before fitting to eliminate the chance of tapes lifting or sliding out after the first wash.
This change will not result in any increased cost to our customers as all tape hair will be reduced by £1 per pack due to the adhesive tape tabs now being sold separately.
We recommend "Walker Tape No Shine" adhesive tape tabs with our Tape Hair Extensions.

Invisible Tape Hair Extensions (the PU top is covered with hair that has been injected through the PU top to give a natural affect with hairs seemingly growing from the scalp).

Russian Mongolian Medium Ratio Hair Extensions.

18 inch Tape Hair  Remy AAAAAA 

25g per bundle (10 x 2.5g/4cm pieces)*


The hair measures up to 2 inches longer to allow for trimming / styling, these extra inches will be thinner than the rest of the hair.


These extensions are made with the highest quality hair sourced from regions around the Russian and Mongolian borders.


Only donor hair that has never undergone chemical processing or colouring is used by our expert manufacturers. This ensures the hair will be the very best quality attainable after dying to match our colour ring (do not use anyone else's colour ring to match, the colours are not the same, only use our Prestige colour ring).


With good aftercare we are giving this hair an estimated lifespan of 9-18 months for dark shades and 6-12 months for the lighter shades.


We are refering to these extensions as Medium Ratio meaning they have twice had shorter hairs removed making the ends thicker than single drawn hair but they are not quite as thick as our Double Drawn hair due to loses during the production process. Double Drawn does not mean all hairs are the same length. Longer lengths like 20-22 inch have a higher proportion of shorter hairs naturally and also will feel thinner gram for gram compared to 16 inch hair of the same weight. Please remember every ponytail collected is different so some variation is normal.


Please ensure you are happy with the weight, thickness, length and colour BEFORE use as returns can not be accepted for these reasons after use. This does not affect your rights to a 6 month guarantee on the hair against manufacturing faults excluding wear and tear and colour change (please see terms and conditions and aftercare advice).


*all weights and widths are approximate as extensions are made by hand and can vary slightly, also some weight is lost when trimming the tips to size during manufacturing.



**Please read our Terms and Conditions BEFORE ordering.